Charles Schwab Website Down | Downtime Issue

Schwab Website Down

April 23, 2013, 4:59 PM CST – Charles Schwab Website Down. At this time, Dotcom-Monitor is tracking a Schwab downtime issue. As of 4:49 PM CST the errors include very long load times from most worldwide monitoring locations, including: Minnesota, New York, London, California, Hong Kong, Montreal, Frankfurt, Colorado, Sydney, Texas, Amsterdam, Tel-Aviv, Amazon East Cloud, Shanghai, Buenos Aries, Amazon Cloud-Japan, and South Africa.

Schwab Website Down

Dotcom-Monitor Browser-Based Website Performance Test shows Schwab website down in some areas

Dotcom-Monitor has been tracking a history of recent banking website outages and has provided analysis of banking outages for the financial industry for issues involving the recent PNC bank outage, U.S. Bancorp outage, and Wells Fargo outage. In the past, many of the online banking outage issues have been traced to denial of service (DDoS) attacks.

A set of  tools to test banking websites outages from worldwide locations are provided at no-cost for financial industry network administrators and website administrators here.

With the Schwab website down, the list of recent banking website outage events continues to grow.

A variety of news organizations, including financial reporter William Baldwin Forbes have reported that Schwab outage occurred just before 4 pm EST. As recently as April 3rd, 2013 an NBC news story on banking outages noted that senior federal law makers were discussed the need for a more robust national response to protecting US banks against persistent banking denial of service attacks.

A 5:50 PM EST update on the Forbe’s piece by Baldwin indicating “Schwab clients could log in but the main Web page,, was not consistently available.” However, based on worldwide testing from Dotcom-Monitor locations at 6:16 PM EST the connection time to was consistently 20+ seconds and in most cases over 40 seconds. Over a dozen of the worldwide locations detected not being able to pull any page data and timing out. The Charles Schwab website down issue can be monitored from 19 locations worldwide, with a free instant website test located here.  This test will show load time and connection issues, and supply interactive drill-down waterfall charts and performance analysis.


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