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Free Website Performance Test

Black Friday is coming: Is your website ready?

Black Thursday Eve, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday, are around the corner and web sales are expected to increase up to 18% this holiday shopping season compared to 2011, according to ComScore. Last year’s online retail holiday sales were $37.2 billion. Unfortunately, some website owners will discover that their website’s speed and performance does not meet customer expectations and they’ll miss out on their piece of the web sale pie. (Run a free website performance test HERE.)

Black Friday 2012

So, with pressure on e-commerce websites to perform, web operation personnel are tasked to make websites look great and handle the stress points of added holiday traffic.  Moreover, 2011-2012 has seen an explosion in the use third-party apps such as widgets, social media buttons, and third party icons that impact website speed and performance. How fast are your third-party widgets? Click here to run a website performance test.

Free Website Performance Test
Dotcom-Monitor offers Free Website Performance Test Tools to ensure your website is optimized for Black Friday the holiday season. Instantly test your website’s speed HERE!

Synthetic Website monitoring in 2012

Website Monitoring is the process of testing and verifying that end-users can interact with a website, or web application, from an external perspective. Businesses use external-based website monitoring to ensure  their sites are live and responding and to uncover issues that internal-based monitoring is unable to detect. For example, if the Domain Name Server (DNS) propagation process is working as it should a website won’t have DNS issues. But if only internal-based testing is occurring, or a current external monitoring system caches the DNS process, then a website owner will not know that their website may not be available because a secondary DNS processes is failing. Setting up external monitoring with full non-cache monitoring detects both primary and secondary full DNS processes.

Dotcom-Monitor uses 19 locations across the world, and provides multiple browsers to monitor website, including: Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome. When a website error occurs instant alerts with diagnostic information help web operation personnel quickly pinpoint the cause of the error. As a result, the web team saves time troubleshooting and resolving issues.

Free Black Friday Website Insurance
Quickly set up website monitoring for a 1-Month Free Frial HERE and ensure you’re website is covered this holiday season. You’ll receive complimentary set-up and technical support from a Dotcom-Monitor Web Performance expert.


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