Reddit Detected Down

Dotcom-Monitor has detected that has gone down on 3/10/2016 around 8:30 PM CST, returning a 503 error “all of our servers are busy right now”.  This seemed to be a complete outage from all locations around the US until approximately 9:05 PM CST.

GLibC DNS Exploit in Unix/Linux Machines

A DNS related exploit of Unix and Linux based operating systems has been gaining attention lately. The vulnerability exploits a bug in the GNU C library commonly referred to as the GLibC, serves as the core C library for many flavors of Linux and Unix based operating systems. This library is commonly used in linux…

Network Solutions Name Servers Currently Experiencing DNS Resolution Issues

Dotcom-Monitor has detected that some customers of Network Solutions using name servers such as NS46.WORLDNIC.COM and NS53.WORLDNIC.COM are experiencing intermittent issues.  Occasionally resolution attempts to the servers return improper results by pointing multiple unrelated websites to  To see if this affects your site you can look for this result using the free DNS trace on as well as in a…

Is Your Website Mobile Friendly? The Mobile Speed Test

So why do you want to know if your website is mobile friendly? Most likely it is because you have heard about last year’s announcement from google over at google webmaster central. It turns out that Google has updated their algorithm to significantly increase the weight of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. That’s right, significantly! So, optimizing your site for mobile is the way of the future!

The Rise & Rise of Web Application Monitoring Tools (& their benefits)

As organizations further embrace the cloud paradigm and deploy more applications to the cloud in 2013, web application monitoring tools need to continue to evolve to serve a growing and more demanding marketplace. Moreover, the metamorphosis of web applications into a complex hybrid of web and on-premise is expected to accelerate in 2013.

As industry reliance on web applications grows, the need for cost-effective solutions that ensure web operations, and protect online company reputations and revenue streams grows with it. Web monitoring tools, which constantly survey web applications for availability issues, performance bottlenecks and maintenance alerts, have emerged as the most cost-effective solution.

5 Things Your Boss Needs to Know About Your Website

You may think the answers are obvious, and the most obvious questions include: How many people are hitting our website? How many site visitors are converting? Is the blog drawing traffic? Which pages are receiving the most traffic? These are not necessarily the most important metrics about your website, and all of these questions can…