15 More Server Room Cabling Nightmares – Server Room Cabling Hell v2.0

Server Room Cabling Nightmares

One of our most popular blog posts is Server Room Cabling Hell: 15 of the Worst Server Wiring Jobs Ever! We have had so much fun with it that we decided to do a followup.

Introducing: 15 More Server Room Cabling Nightmares!

Doctom-Monitor handles all the monitoring of your servers and public facing websites, but we draw the line at helping you wire your system. These 15 examples show how easily server room cabling can turn into a nightmare without an organized methodology to the madness. Here at Dotcom-Monitor we call this “15 reasons why we stick to externally based monitoring and stay out of your server rooms”.

IT wiring nightmare

One workstation. One giant mess.

messy cable rack

This cannot be up to code…..

horrible cable management systems

This server looks like it ate something that didn’t agree with it. I know, servers don’t eat, but you know what I mean.

cabling mess server hell

At least this one has some concept of a labeling system….

messy server rack cable management

This unfortunate gentleman seems to be fighting an uphill battle against the rising tide of wiring jumbles.

confusing cable dns servers

What the what?????

really bad wiring jobs

This server rack sprouted a great head of hair….. I’m actually jealous of it.

tangled server cable management

Ooooohhhh, pretty colors. Not the worst jumble, but still difficult to imagine making changes to this system.

worst wire and cable jobs

Little space, big mess.

bad rack cable management

Spider-smurf strikes again!

horrible wire management system

How do you even get in there to maintain this server?

messy server cabinet

Blue versus red. Who will rise victorious????

bad wiring jobs

Cut the yellow wire. Which yellow wire????!?!?!?!

worst data center cabling

Orangy orange! Not the worst mess ever, but awful bright. Better wear your shades when working back there.

bad server room cable management

Jumbles, jumbles everywhere. Maintenance on this nest could be a bit challenging.

Do you have tips for avoiding a server room cabling nightmare? Maybe you’ve come up with an innovative labeling system or easy to use color-coding chart? Have you developed a cable-tie system that beats traditional products on the market?

Share your ideas with your fellow IT peers by posting in the comments section below.

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