Feb. 13, 3:45 pm CST System Status Update

On Feb. 13, 11:05 am CST a server hardware issue resulted in a gap in monitoring for approximately seven minutes (11:05 am CST – 11:12 am CST).

We apologize for this unexpected issue.

Reporting will not show this gap in monitoring as downtime, nor as an “undefined” period. It will not be included for calculating uptime, nor downtime.

The server hardware issue should have triggered an instant failover to a redundant server cluster. We apologize for this issue and are working to improve the system. Dotcom-Monitor is using this incident to work on ways to further improve the failover process, so a similar event will result in a stable, faster failover to a redundant server cluster.

Please contact us at support (at) dotcom-monitor.com with additional questions.


Dotcom-Monitor support is available 24/7. For general support inquiries, please visit our Contacts page here.
CURRENT CLIENTS: Trouble tickets receive priority response. To receive expedited support, please login into your account and open a trouble ticket (located in the "Support" dropdown menu when you are logged in).

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