Top 10 Web Performance Blog Posts of 2012

Top 10 Web Performance Blog Posts of 2012As we at Dotcom-Monitor are back at it after the holidays, we thought it would be interesting to see which web performance blog posts over the past year have sparked the most interest. We weren’t surprised to see that our lighthearted Server Room Cabling Hell piece was our most popular (what IT nerd wouldn’t want a good laugh around cabling nightmares?), but we were also pleased to see more meaty topics on DNS Diagnostics, Cyber Attacks & Website Performance Monitoring topped the list as well. It was also cool to see people reading and passing along “Web Monitoring 101”  type pieces, such as The Great Firewall Test and our Internet Backbone for Noobs Infographic. Due to the numbers we are seeing we take this as a great indicator that we are both supporting the web performance world with valuable information, as well as educating the masses on the importance of web performance and website monitoring. This is encouraging as our goal is to constantly improve and support the web performance world.

Here are our Top 10 Web Performance Blog Posts of 2012:

  1. Server Room Cabling Hell: 15 of the Worst Server Wiring Jobs Ever!
  2. Website Speed Test: BBC has the Fastest Website for Watching Euro 2012 [Infographic]
  3. Bluehost Fastest Web Hosting Website in Test of Best Web Hosting Sites
  4. DNS Diagnostic: Update on the ATT DNS error
  5. What Does My Website Look Like from China? | Great Firewall Test
  6. The Internet Backbone for Noobs – Infographic
  7. Tracking Hurricane Sandy Impact on Service Providers, Data Centers, and Servers
  8. Update on U.S. Bancorp, PNC, Wells Fargo Outage: Reported Cyber Attack
  9. The 9 Levels of Website Performance Monitoring
  10. Monitoring DNS: ATT DNS nameserver error condition

If you have any topics you’d like us to write on, technical, “basic 101”, or a fun infographic study, feel free to comment below and you’ll most likely see a pertaining web performance article written in the coming weeks.

Happy 2013! Onwards & upwards!


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