Dotcom-Monitor Announces ServerView Monitoring™ Media Stream

Announcing ServerView Monitoring™ Media Stream:
Monitoring online media streams from the user’s perspective

Dotcom Monitor Media Stream Monitoring

Dotcom-Monitor Announces ServerView Monitoring™ Media Stream

Minneapolis, Minnesota – Feb. 5, 2013 – Dotcom-Monitor, (, today announces ServerView™ Media Stream Monitoring, a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)-based media stream monitoring technology for Chrome, Flash, and Windows Media stream formats that monitors performance and availability.  ServerView™ Media Stream monitors hundreds of online stream formats and codecs from an external “user experience” perspective.

Media Stream Quality is Critical
“Online end-users quickly lose patience when they experience media stream errors, or performance issues,” noted Vadim Mazo, CTO. “As a result, businesses lose revenues, marketing campaigns lose conversions, and the reputations of both the stream provider and website serving the stream are damaged.”

Media Stream monitoring connects to the media server, performs buffering and plays a stream for 3-5 seconds and then disconnects. It tests several metrics, such as: Average Response Time, Connection time, Buffering Time, Received Packages, Buffering Packages, Frame Rate, Bitrate, Hertz, and Average Bytes per Second.

Easy-to-use Media Stream Monitoring
Using the simple interface Media Stream monitoring is set-up to run a test every 1-minute, 3, 5, 10, or 15-minutes from specified worldwide locations. The automated testing detects availability and performance issues and the automated diagnostics significantly speeds up the time-to-repair of media stream errors.

Avoiding Downtime – Instant Alerts & Diagnostics
When a media stream error occurs, such as a connection timeout, Media Stream monitoring verifies the error, and then sends alerts via phone, text, email, SNMP trap, or SMS. Alerts are customizable by location, time of day, escalation processes, group notifications, and alert type. Built-in checks against false-alerts ensure team members are notified at the right time using the right notification method. Moreover, diagnostics, including an instant traceroute from the monitoring location to the media server, are conducted. The traceroute specifies where the error is occurring, as well as the Best, Average, and Worst packet speed for each hop and Packet Loss percentages for each hop.

Improved Performance – Charts, and Graphs
Reporting for analysis and detailed performance includes built-in Service Level Agreement (SLA) reports, real-time dashboards, .pdfs, XML, Excel, text, and live interactive drill down charts and graphs.

As the online media streaming marketplace continue to grow, so do end-user expectations and the competition for end-users. ServerView Media Stream monitoring is an essential, and affordable service for organizations whose online quality is a factor in maintaining revenues and improving end-user experiences.

For more information: Contact Brad Canham, VP at Dotcom-Monitor, 1-888-479-0741 ext.1, or email at sales (at) Twitter @Dotcom_Monitor  For a free instant test of a media stream click here

About Dotcom-Monitor
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Brad is the VP of Sales and Marketing at Dotcom-Monitor. He has been working in the tech space since the days of the dotcom-boom. Brad is an avid triathlete and marathon runner, wine enthusiast, and family man. You may spot him at any number of web performance conferences across the country, either as a speaker or at a trade show booth representing Dotcom-Monitor. Brad is also the organizer of the Web Performance - Minneapolis/St. Paul Meetup Group. Catch Brad on LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter.

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