Website Uptime

Reddit Detected Down

Dotcom-Monitor has detected that has gone down on 3/10/2016 around 8:30 PM CST, returning a 503 error “all of our servers are busy right now”.  This seemed to be a complete outage from all locations around the US until approximately 9:05 PM CST.

Huge UltraDNS Outage takes down Netflix, Rackspace & Expedia!

Can your Customers Reach Your Website?
You may have been aware that a large DNS provider, Neustar UltraDNS experienced an extended outage on Thursday 10/16/2015 which caused many of the largest websites in the world to be unavailable for over an hour and a half.

Recent large scale internet outages affecting many of the top websites around the world raise many questions about who can access your websites at any given time.  If an event like what happened Thursday can take down sites like Netflix and Expedia, as well as hosting providers like Rackspace, how can you be certain that everyone that wants to access your site from different locations around the world is able to do so?


Gimp Website is Down

UPDATE:  It appears that the Gimp website registration expired and so the DNS resolution was automatically “parked” by the registrar.  Once they were aware of this, the Gimp site admins re-registered the site for another 5 years, then the site was pointed back to the original content servers, but there was a lag in DNS…