Google Releases Brotli to Improve Web Page Load Speed

At Dotcom-Monitor we agree with Google that “we think that internet users’ time is valuable, and that they shouldn’t have to wait long for a web page to load.”  This was their opening message today when they announced the release of their new compression algorithm, Brotli. Brotli was named after a small bun in Switzerdeutsch (Swiss German). Google goes on to state that “The smaller compressed size allows for better space utilization and faster page loads.”


This release continues to support the fact that Google is committed to providing the best possible mobile browser experience. Google has stated that this is just another way they are trying to help the industry squeeze just a little more data to end users while optimizing data transfer fees as well as battery usage.

What remains to be seen is whether the industry as a whole will agree with Google that the brotli algorithm is the best available and will be implemented in future browser versions.  Google has published their own internal study comparing different algorithms here: ‘Comparison of Brotli, Deflate, Zopfli, LZMA, LZHAM and Bzip2 Compression Algorithms.  While others in the industry have already published their own comparisons to a much larger group of algorithms here: httpss://