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Network Solutions Name Servers Currently Experiencing DNS Resolution Issues

Dotcom-Monitor has detected that some customers of Network Solutions using name servers such as NS46.WORLDNIC.COM and NS53.WORLDNIC.COM are experiencing intermittent issues.  Occasionally resolution attempts to the servers return improper results by pointing multiple unrelated websites to  To see if this affects your site you can look for this result using the free DNS trace on as well as in a…


Test Whether Your Website Works Across IPv6 (Now That ARIN Has Allocated the last IPv4 Address in North America)

ARIN, the American Registry for Internet Numbers is the authority in charge of distributing IP addresses in North America.  ARIN received the IPv4 blocks for North America from the IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority, which is responsible for distribution of IP addresses and maintaining DNS root zones as well as managing the database of top level domains.

Yesterday, on September 24th 2015, ARIN announced that they had issued the final IPv4 address available.  This has several implications to the internet at large:

First of all, this does not mean that all IPv4 addresses have been used up, simply that all IPv4 addresses allocated to North America have been distributed to organizations.  For example, the pool of addresses in Europe was depleted three years ago while the AFRINIC (The Internet Numbers Registry for Africa) still has an available pool of addresses.
This also does not mean that IPv4 addresses have all been used up in North America.  Organizations that would like to acquire an IPv4 address may still be able to do so through secondary methods. They might either be put on a waitlist for unmet IPv4 addresses or they may purchase the addresses through the IPv4 transfer market.
This does mean that any existing restrictions on IPv4 transfer from one organization to another have been lifted.