New Monitoring Location: Seattle, Washington

New Monitoring Location in the United States:  Seattle, Washington


We continue to expand our monitoring network to better suite your needs.  Add Seattle to your existing monitored devices by editing locations for multiple agents at once.

Seattle, WA Details

IPv6: 6to4

Accessing Data Using the XML Feed

Did you know that you don’t have to log in to the Dotcom-Monitor website to access your monitoring data?  We have several options that allow you to interact with and consume your monitoring data in the format that best fits your needs.

In addition to the email, sms text messaging and phone call alerts,

  • You can set up scheduled reports via emailxml_Icon
  • Create and share Online Report Cards and Dashboard Panels
  • Interact with the API
  • Submit requests to the XML feed.

New XML feed Options

The XML feed gives you the power to consume your data in the manner of your using_the_xml_feedchoosing, whether that is a custom dashboard designed in-house or an off-the shelf product or service.  The XML options allow you to aggregate data in hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly summaries, and you can chose to simply pull uptime data or you can request complete element level response time data.  For more information on all of the options available when using the XML feed, visit our Knowledge Base and navigate to the xml feed in the left hand navigation or type in a search string into the search field.

In addition to the existing options available in the XML feed, we have just released two new options for pulling detailed data from your Dotcom-Monitor account. Read more…

Blackberry Enterprise Server Monitoring for Exchange Email

I have fielded several interesting questions recently about how our monitoring systems work, some of them asking if we can monitor very specific technologies.  The short answer is generally, yes- if it is online and can be reached either outside of your firewall via our dozens of monitoring locations, or if it can be reached behind your firewall using our private agent or MetricsView Collectors, we can monitor it.  If it is a web based technology that can be rendered in standard web browsers, we are capable of monitoring for both uptime and performance.Blackberry Enterprise Server Monitoring

Blackberry Server Monitoring

Specifically, Someone recently asked if we had the capability to monitor a Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES).  While we don’t have custom code that interacts directly with the BES, we have a number of monitoring tools that can interact with Microsoft Exchange Server as well as other email servers. Read more…

A Complete Monitoring Solution for Small and Medium Business

Over time, the number of tools used to manage a businesses IT infrastructure can grow into an unwieldy set of utilities, programs and services with an unmanageable list of quality and performance reports. Because of this, many small and medium businesses are looking for a simple all-in-one solution to fit their needs.  The Dotcom-Monitor suite of monitoring tools is a great one stop shop for just such IT teams.  Here are just a few of the many things you can do with Dotcom-Monitor:

Monitor Websites

  • Monitor the status of websites with Uptime and Downtime alerts via email, sms text message and phone calls
  • Monitor the performance of websites including
    • Page Load Speed
    • Web Transaction Monitoring (secure site login, shopping cart responsiveness etc…)
    • Create escalation chains to alert different levels of support when website slowdowns or outages are identified
    • Track performance of websites in over 40 different browser configurations:
      • Internet Explorer
      • Google Chrome
      • Firefox
      • Safari
      • Iphones
      • Ipads
      • Android Devices
      • Blackberry Devices
      • Windows 8 IEMobile
    • Rich Internet Application interaction (Flash, Flex, AJAX, Silverlight, html5 etc…)
  • Quickly and easily record point and click scripts to simulate real users interacting with a website
  • Monitor Web Applications such as SaaS systems

Read more…

Top 10 Website Outages of 2014


Here we present in (mostly) chronological order, the 10 biggest website outages of 2014.  (If you think we forgot any, let us know!)

Dropbox Dropped!top_website_outages_2014

Leading off the top 10 website outages of 2014: Way back in January, Dropbox- a file sharing website used by over 300 million people started the year out with an outage on January 10th.  Supposedly their IT support team was able to rectify the issue within 3 hours, but access to the system was unreliable well into the following weekend.  A few months later, Dropbox went down again for about an hour in March.  No explanation was ever given for the cause of this outage.

Google Down for Maintenance

Google experienced several outages in 2014.  First, in January, a software bug apparently caused a glitch but they were able to catch it quickly and Gmail, Google Docs and Google plus were down for about 30 minutes.  Next, in mid march, Google experienced a second outage, this time the services that went down included Google Voice and portions of Google Drive.  This outage was also attributed to a maintenance issue.  Finally, on October 14th, Google Drive was unavailable for several hours. Read more…