Monitor Exchange Outlook Web Access

Is Outlook Web Access down right now?monitor-exchange-outlook-web-access

What is the Outlook service status?

Is Exchange down?

You’ve come to the right place.  We can help you determine the answers to these questions before your users have a chance to ask them.  We will show you how to monitor Exchange Outlook Web Access.

Dotcom-Monitor has all the tools you need to perform Web monitoring for Exchange Outlook Web Access, including OWA, ActiveSync, SMTP, POP3 and IMAP4.  While the last three protocols mentioned are fairly common and straight-forward, the first two, Outlook Web Access and ActiveSync are a bit more unique to Dotcom-Monitor.

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3rd Party Content Monitoring

Most websites that exist today rely on 3rd party elements in one form or another.  For example, there are many services to gather analytics about site traffic such as Google analytics, but in order to work properly they require you to load a small script as a part of each web page like  This is a small JavaScript file that is called when a page loads.  This JavaScript file enables Google to record user traffic throughout a website.  Most of the time, this file loads very quickly and efficiently, and often times it is already cashed on the local browser because it is such a common file, but if something ever goes wrong with the servers hosting the script, it could end up negatively impacting the page load speeds of your website.

There are a number of reasons that you may use data or files hosted on third party servers, perhaps the files or scripts are updated often and you want to be sure that you have the latest version.  Maybe the scripts help gather data for you like Google analytics does.  Perhaps you are trying to optimize page load speed for all users in diverse geographic locations by using a Content Distribution Network (CDN).

Monitoring CDN Performance3rd-Party-Monitor

Content Distribution Networks are typically very large organizations with servers in many data centers around the world, usually very near or even in the internet backbone facilities.  When an end user requests content hosted by a CDN, the request is routed to the CDN server closest to the user which could cut out thousands of milliseconds of transfer time for each element on the page as the number of hops across the internet are greatly decreased. Read more…

Secure360 Conference 2015

Secure_360What We Learned at the Secure360 Conference

We attended the Secure360 Conference at the River City Center in St. Paul this year and learned a few things about the various needs of the attendants.  Everyone is concerned about security in their organization, but the topic is so broad that it takes on a different meaning with every person we talked to.  Some were concerned with protection from viruses, malware, and phishing scams.  There were people looking to detect and mitigate DDOS attacks, perform audits to be in compliance with any number of 3 letter acronyms (PCI, SAS, SOC just to name a few), and there were people dealing with physical security and paper file or electronic data protection.  I spoke with everyone ranging from students just getting into IT to IT Directors and even mechanical engineers, and it was great to get such a wide spectrum of perspectives. Read more…

IRCE 2015 Promo Code | Special Internet Retailer Coupon

IRCE 2015 Promo Code

Dotcom-Monitor at IRCE 2015 Chicago

IRCE 2013 - Dotcom-Monitor

Kris, Dan & Brad at IRCE 2013 giving away RC Helicopters from the Dotcom-Monitor booth!

Dotcom-Monitor is proud to be exhibiting at IRCE yet again this year. At past shows our booth has been a hit, as we’ve given away hundreds of t-shirts, RC helicopters, and more! Stop by Booth 1420 at this year’s show to win some swag and learn about our web performance tool set.

IRCE 2015 Discount Code

As always, we’re offering our clients an IRCE 2015 Promo Code. Our clients will receive a 10% discount* when registering before May 30, 2015. Simply email us at sales[at] with the subject “IRCE 2015 Promo Code” and we will send you a discount code for 10% off* your registration fee.

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New Monitoring Location: Seattle, Washington

New Monitoring Location in the United States:  Seattle, Washington


We continue to expand our monitoring network to better suite your needs.  Add Seattle to your existing monitored devices by editing locations for multiple agents at once.

Seattle, WA Details

IPv6: 6to4